vitreo helps the wine industry

Wine transports with vitreo: Newfound transparency is exciting young wine company Kiss of Wine The company Kiss of Wine has set itself the goal of getting more younger people interested in wine by selling their popular wine assortments in practical 250 ml cans. Instead of Merlot, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay, the wine varieties have names

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The vitreo Solution in Action: What Have We Learned?

Test Phase and Field Test: First Companies Shed Light on Their Supply Chains With the Help of vitreo Sensors Global supply chains are geared towards transporting goods as quickly as possible and without losses. To date, the focus has only been on the product itself and not on the associated data. Information about the current

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Transparency in Supply Chains: Its Importance and Which Hurdles Still Need to Be Overcome

Transparent Supply Chain Management: Why the Digital Upgrade of Supply Chains is Long Overdue Where is my container currently located? Are the transport conditions optimal and does my customer actually know that the delivery will arrive soon? A comprehensive overview and the greatest possible transparency are essential for efficient and targeted management in supply chains.

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The IBC: Functions, Areas of Application, and Today’s Requirements

Intermediate Bulk Container: The All-Rounder for Transport and Storage Needs an IoT Update. Everyone knows them, the cuboid containers that can be seen on construction sites, factory floors or cow pastures. You find them standing alone, stacked on top of each other, lined up or side-by-side. The intermediate bulk container, or IBC for short, is

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Digitalization of the Supply Chain: How Big Data Simplifies Communication Within the Supply Chain

Digitization in Supply Chain Management: How Big Data is Reforming Industrial Supply Chains Comprehensive knowledge and the greatest possible transparency about supply chain operations are the basis for developing optimal and efficient strategies in supply chain management. But this knowledge is difficult to achieve with conventional methods. Supply chains are often intransparent and important information

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Max Drechsler
Ich ermögliche Ihnen den einfachsten Weg zur kompletten Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Lieferkette.


Technologie kann einfach sein, wenn man es will. Was ich an der Technologiebranche ändern würde, ist die Schaffung eines einfachen Zugangs zu & für jedermann.

Die Reduzierung der Komplexität, die Erhöhung der Widerstandsfähigkeit und die Vermeidung von Verschwendung. 

Die sofortige Fähigkeit, jede Sprache zu sprechen. Kommunikation ist der Schlüssel zu allem.