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Our sensors are pretty versatile, all functionalities including fill-level are available on any plastic IBC, or other generic plastic containers. You can also use them on metal containers without the fill-level function but stay tuned we will soon roll out new versions of sensors that can also read fill-levels in metallic containers.

Temperature, air pressure, humidity, ambient light, Air quality, fill-level, shock or impact, and exact location. We use a multi-system approach to location determination, i.e. we get approximate location also when the containers are indoors, where standard GNSS does not work.

Attaching our sensor to an IBC takes less than 30 seconds. Your container data is then immediately and at any time digitally available on the vitreo platform.

The battery life is calculated on the basis of various factors. The most important being the update interval, and functionalities used. For example, with default settings – all sensors switched on, and the sending interval of 30 minutes, the batteries last for ca. 1 years, and with fill-level functionality switched off batteries last for over 2 years.

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