Real-time visibility · Greater accuracy · Enhanced efficiency

Optimizing IBC supply chains with IoT Sensors

IBC Container
Identified challenges in industrial IBC supply chains

Do you have an instant and live overview of the status of your IBC?

Ambient conditions
Inventory levels

vitreo IoT solution enables access to previously unavailable information, allowing customers to gain actionable insights to improve efficiencies for every supply chain scenario.

We are looking for five pilot partners who are excited to join and test the technical evolution of supply chain management. 


Discover how vitreo seamlessly optimizes IBC supply chains

We’ve developed an innovative end-to-end smart monitoring solution to deliver a greater level of supply chain excellence using state-of-the-art communication technology and advanced analytical systems.

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information tracking

Icon target

High accuracy Hohe Genauigkeit
and rapid response time

Icon diagram

A complete overview
of supply chain operations

Icon money

Faster turnaround times
and improved utilization

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A simple user interface on
any internet-enabled device

Icon analytics

Enhanced decision making
and increased customer satisfaction


Gain immediate digital access and control of your IBC supply Chain

non-intrusive solution
simple retrofit
customized notifications & alerts
real-time information access

Connect vitreo to your IBC supply chain and experience isibility, traceability and accountability like never before.

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Max Drechsler
Ich ermögliche Ihnen den einfachsten Weg zur kompletten Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Lieferkette.


Technologie kann einfach sein, wenn man es will. Was ich an der Technologiebranche ändern würde, ist die Schaffung eines einfachen Zugangs zu & für jedermann.

Die Reduzierung der Komplexität, die Erhöhung der Widerstandsfähigkeit und die Vermeidung von Verschwendung. 

Die sofortige Fähigkeit, jede Sprache zu sprechen. Kommunikation ist der Schlüssel zu allem.