The vitreo Solution in Action: What Have We Learned?

Test Phase and Field Test: First Companies Shed Light on Their Supply Chains With the Help of vitreo Sensors

Global supply chains are geared towards transporting goods as quickly as possible and without losses. To date, the focus has only been on the product itself and not on the associated data. Information about the current location or the quality of the delivery is lost. This prevents the preparation of transparency, sustainability and security.

To address the challenges, vitreo has developed an IoT sensor that is non-intrusively attached to bulk packaging and makes all conditional data of the goods visible on a secured user platform in real-time. The advanced technology is easy to use and ensures reduced costs, a better environmental footprint and an increase in overall efficiency.

Test Phase: How do the Sensors Perform in Practice?

In order to test the sensors extensively and to adapt them to the needs of the companies, vitreo started the test phase in November 2021. Currently, several companies from the chemical and food/beverage industries are testing the sensors. The first test phases run between one to three months, and initial results are already visible after one week. 

At the beginning of each phase, goals for the coming weeks are set together with those responsible from vitreo and the respective company. For example, it is discussed which challenges are to be overcome with the help of the solution and which data points are particularly important to the customer. In this exchange, possible questions and concerns can be voiced and clarified. In the following weeks, vitreo is in continuous exchange with the test partner. Regular discussions and on-site visits take place in order to evaluate the progress and new findings.

Detailed Evaluation After the End of the Test Phase

Once the test phase is finished, vitreo conducts a project evaluation. Based on a questionnaire, different aspects of the test phase are discussed. The goal of the evaluation is to improve the functionality of vitreo’s IoT solution in a customer-oriented way based on the feedback and to eliminate possible weak points. Among other things, the handling of the sensor, the user-friendliness of the software and the general design are evaluated.

Based on the information gathered in the evaluation phase, vitreo is able to make targeted adjustments to the technology, improve and expand functions and ensure the greatest possible efficiency and user-friendliness.

Further Test Phases Planned: vitreo is Looking for Test Partners

Have we piqued your interest? vitreo is looking for more project partners who want to efficiently advance the digitalization of their supply chains and test the sensors. The IoT solution offers enormous added value for improving global supply chains in a wide range of industries (e.g. chemicals, food & beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals). The test phases serve to improve vitreo’s offering in a differentiated way close to the customer, make it more widely usable and to adapt it optimally to the individual challenges in the respective industry. Contact us today!

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