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Wine transports with vitreo: Newfound transparency is exciting young wine company Kiss of Wine

The company Kiss of Wine has set itself the goal of getting more younger people interested in wine by selling their popular wine assortments in practical 250 ml cans. Instead of Merlot, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay, the wine varieties have names like “FEISTY”, “WILD”, “ZESTY” or “SMOOTH.”

The British company sources its quality wines exclusively from small vineyards in Southern Europe and Germany. The wine is transported to the production facility in Berlin in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), where it is then filled into cans and finally distributed on an international scale.

Kiss of Wine lives and loves innovation

The transport of wine is associated with numerous risks. Environmental influences, such as heat or cold, can quickly spoil the sensitive goods. Kiss of Wine wanted to avoid major losses when transporting the wines and began testing vitreo’s IoT sensors in December 2021. The founders hoped that this would lead to more transparent supply chains and better control over the quality of their product.

"Being able to see the temperature levels throughout the entire transport route is so helpful for us."

Being able to track the location of the wine in real time at any time is super useful for us. I log into the vitreo dashboard every day, and it gives me all the important facts and figures at a glance. It’s nice to see how the wine is making its way to me and how it’s doing in transit.” says Jen Browarczyk, co-founder of Kiss of Wine.

For her, temperature and location are the most important data points. Being able to monitor both metrics helps her to plan and make quick decisions. She knows exactly when a wine delivery will arrive and can thus organise bottling and onward shipping. This allows the company’s supply chains to be more efficient and transparent. “Being able to see the temperature values throughout the entire transport route is so helpful for us.” says Browarczyk.

In the past, there was often considerable loss of quality during transport. If the wine is left unattended, not picked up in time or the temperature in the means of transport is not regulated, the quality of the wine can be significantly damaged. Losses quickly run into five-digit euro amounts and critical resources, such as water, are unnecessarily consumed. With vitreo, these situations can be detected immediately.

Simple handling without extra effort

Browarczyk emphasises that the installation of the sensors is easy and can be carried out without specialist knowledge. This means that the winemakers can quickly install the sensors on site. Adding the sensors to the dashboard and managing them via the software is also very easy, he says. The vitreo software solution can be used by all participants along the supply chain, meaning the winegrowers can also access all data during transport.

When using the sensors, there is no additional expenditure of time or personnel. Quite on the contrary: the vitreo solution saves time and costs. The newly gained transparency of the supply chains ensures that the high-quality standards of the wines can be maintained during transport. Not only Kiss of Wine, but also the winegrowers in Southern Europe, are thrilled.

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